3 Top Restaurant Developments for 2015

This year the restaurant industry is supposed to have higher profits than ever before, therefore businesses must start incorporating new developments to keep up with the competition. Here are a few progressions that can help your restaurant stay successful in these changing times.

#1: Food Favorites

Some of the most popular food items for this upcoming year include:

  • Tacos – Keep up with popular food trucks by finding non-traditional ingredients to cater to a variety of customers (e.g. vegetarians).
  • Hummus – This is a great replacement for salsa and can be used as a great dip or condiment.
  • Breakfast for Dinner – Scrambled is the way to go for eggs this year and keep pancakes savory.
  • Pickles – Don’t be afraid to experiment with various vinegars and spices.
  • Ice Cream – Mixing sweet and savory is a popular trend at the moment.

#2: Eco-Friendly

People are gravitating towards restaurants that use key words such as “locally-made.” Customers appreciate when businesses use fresh, organic, handcrafted ingredients. Aside from what goes into the food, two popular trends are composting and recycling.

#3: Technology Updates

EMV Migration!  If you are a restaurant owner, please read our blog titled What is EMV and What Happens in October 2015? which explains EMV and how it will affect your restaurant.  There will be a shift in liability of fraudulent transactions from credit card issuers to merchants if the merchant does not use a chip-enabled terminal.

With these three tips, your business should flourish in 2015.

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