3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Apple Pay

I never bought a new car in its first year of introduction, and it took me a few years to get comfortable selling POS systems to merchants, so it’s fair to say I don’t fall into the “early adopter” category. So why is it that as soon as I had the opportunity, I purchased an iPhone 6 and installed Apple Pay on my phone?

1.  The first reason is this a potential industry-changing release by one of the most influential companies in the world. Apple has unparalleled success in creating consumer excitement and has already seen substantial use of Apple Pay already; and industry analysts predict that 30 million consumers will own an Apple 6 or 6 Plus by early next year. That’s 1 in 5 consumers!

2.  The next reason is that with the implementation of NFC payments and EMV, it will be necessary for business owners to upgrade their current payment processing equipment. As a sales representative in this market, it’s imperative to offer my customers the best of both worlds and prepare them for the future. The future is now.

3.  And finally, although we only seem to hear about the big data breaches like Home Depot and Target, the truth is that 95% of all data breaches occur at small businesses. With Apple Pay, you no longer collect the cardholder data because of the process of tokenization. The transactions are much more secure.

To find out more about how you can upgrade your current Point of Sale system or credit card terminal to accept Apple Pay, contact Mark Tannen at (408) 888-9663.


One thought on “3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Apple Pay

  1. 1 in 5 consumers will own an iphone 6 by early next year? that is crazy the influence that one brand has over society. apple pay makes a lot of sense when its available for so many people, and you know there would be no issues of privacy or safety when paying through a big corporation such as apple. 🙂


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