5 Last Minute Ways to Get Your Bar Ready for MARCH MADNESS!

It’s that time of year!  March Madness goes from March 17th to the Championship game on April 6th.  Millions of people will head out to their favorite bars to watch the games.  Are you ready?  Here are 5 last minute ways to get your bar ready for March Madness!

  1. Get some sponsors who will be happy to give you free stuff in order to get their products in front of your customers.  Let your sponsors get some face time on your digital signage, have drink specials that feature their products or use branded items to give away as prizes for bar games.
  2. A basketball shooting contest is a must!  Strategically place a hoop in your bar, use a nerf ball, and have customers take their shots from a designated spot to win a free drink, the best booth in the house or a branded prize from one of your sponsors.
  3. Create your own bracketing schedule for your regulars and place it somewhere where everyone can see the weekly stats.  Free hot wings and cocktails are great ways to keep the winners pumped up.
  4. Promote, promote, promote.  It’s not too late!  Use digital signage, table tents, staff T-shirts (or have them wear Jerseys), etc.  Use Facebook, Twitter, and all methods of social media including an email blast to the people whose address you’ve collected over time.
  5. Offer food and drink specials that piggy back the special days in the tournament like a 16” pizza at a reduced price for the Sweet 16 phase of the tournament, or a sandwich combo reduced to $8.00 during the Elite 8.  Don’t forget the Final 4!

It is not too late to have a very successful March Madness.  Keep the games on, the food and drinks flowing and don’t forget to have some fun with games and lots of prizes.

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