Promote Your Business in 8 Ways

As entrepreneurs, we should always be on the look-out for new ways to promote our business and bring in new customers. At the same time, we also have to consider keeping the cost of business reasonable so that we can maintain the quality of the product, people and environment without going over budget. After speaking with numerous successful entrepreneurs, the common thread that appears in almost all of them are these 8 approaches that really made an improvement on how people view their business.

  1.  Brand yourself

Have a clear idea of exactly what you want to be promoting and strategize before you start putting out your message. This will be the base theme in all of your promotions and will represent who you are as a company.

  1.  Hire the right people

Your employees are the front line, first responders of your business. Hire people that can do the job efficiently and also represent the lifestyle of your company. Give your employees discounts for friends and family to spread the good word internally.

  1.  Expand social media platforms

Using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin and blogs will expand the number of online entry points that people can get information about your company.

  1.  Advertise

The idea is to use multiple mediums. Digital advertising, email blasts, fliers, business cards, commercials and branded merchandise will get the word out.

  1.  Host events

Events around things that your customers care about will attract more groups. IE, host events around popular sports games, hold contests, or ladies nights.

  1.  Network

Know the insiders in your industry. Join local groups and meetings that not only pertain to your business, but the industries of your customers.

  1.  Offer freebies

People love freebies and will often be encouraged to spend extra because they got something for free. Showcase how generous of a company you are.

  1.  Be consistent

Develop your plan and stick to it. Once you do your first round of promotion, don’t feel like you are finished. It will take a while to truly see returns.

One thought on “Promote Your Business in 8 Ways

  1. great article. Learned a lot from it. I think one of the most important points in that list is Networking. It is probably the least done promotion method used by new businesses too. You can’t underestimate the power of word to mouth marketing that is created when you are successfully networking.


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