Bar Promotion Themes for April

As April is approaching, make sure you’re ready to promote your bar in a new, exciting manner. There are tons of ways to promote your bar this April, so here are a few unique themes to ensure you’ll have a full house.

April Fools Night: Have tons of fun this April Fools by changing the most popular drink’s name to something either too long or too hard to pronounce and watch your customer’s struggle as the night progresses. You could also swap out all new menu items for the day and not mention it to the confused customers. Whatever practical joke you may decide to pull for the day, make sure it’s all in good fun and no one gets upset.

Master’s Tournament Night: Bring in the golf junkies by hosting a Master’s Tournament Night. Streaming live sports is one of the best ways to get a packed bar and a lot of new and excited customers. Advertise well with banners and signs outside your bar and decorate accordingly. Add a miniature golf set inside so your customers can play and try to get a hole in one; whoever succeeds gets a $20 gift card to your bar, so they keep coming back. Also, serve special deals that night that are easy to order for groups of people like one pitcher of beer or an appetizer platter and you’re all set.

National Beer Day: Celebrate National Beer Day (April 7th) by giving out great deals on beer! You can give a free beer with any menu item or a taste testing of local craft beers that your customers will love. Cut the pint prices in half or make it cheaper to buy by the pitcher, but no matter what you do just make sure everyone has a beer to celebrate one of the best national holidays.

Earth Day: Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to promote your bar this Earth Day! Offer some earth-friendly specials, like a deal on pitchers of beer because pitchers are reusable and there will be less beer bottle waste. You could also give customers a discount on beer if they are wearing green or any earth related t shirts. Lastly, provide your customers with a colorful Earth Day salad so they can feel less guilty about their plate of nachos.

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