Why Your Business Should Have a Loyalty Program

Big companies such as Starbucks and Coldstone’s have published many reasons why loyalty cards have improved their business, but there are many reasons why your small business should have a loyalty card too.

People like belonging – How many times have you heard a friend say, “I just got a free (insert sandwich, drink, eyebrow waxing) because I have a loyalty card”?  We all like free stuff and we all like going to places that make us feel like we are a part of the city we live in.  What better way to make your customers feel at home than to give them a reason to keep coming back by allowing them to earn free stuff.

Data – We are in the times of big data and have technology to help us gather important information about our customers.  A loyalty program is one way to learn about your customers so that you can tailor campaigns specifically to their liking.  If a customer (let’s call her Mandy) comes in every Monday for happy hour and you notice she hasn’t been in for the last 2 weeks, maybe it’s a good idea to send her a coupon for a free appetizer to make sure she comes back. When you learn your customer’s buying habits, you can find out what types of offers will excite them enough to spend their money at your establishment.

Creating a loyalty program is a cinch – there are POS Systems that make it super easy to start a loyalty program.  You won’t even have to keep track of it yourself because it’s all done for you.  With a few simple steps, you too can offer similar loyalty programs as some of the industry giants out there who have proven that there are benefits to be reaped.

Be sure to contact Mark at Tannen & Associates at (408) 888-9663 for help setting up your own loyalty program.

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