Watch Out For Employees Scamming You! (Methods From The Book, How to Burn Down the House) PART TWO

I found a few more simple tactics sneaky waiters use to steal from their restaurants, so here goes Part Two!

Dine and Dashers – While serving a questionable group of people, such as teenagers or “punk rockers,” waiters will collect their money from the meal quickly and without anyone noticing. Then, they will busy themselves with something else until the group leaves, and claim that they ripped him off by dining and dashing. Then he gets the whole check to himself and gets pity from the manager.

Convince the Customers – Waiters will sometimes convince the customers to order a certain meal so that they can reuse checks, as I mentioned in Part One. However, this way the waiter can even go as far as to say they’re “out” of whatever the customer originally orders, and then push the particular meals on them. They will also persuade the customer to order things that he doesn’t have to put on the ticket or that they can easily sneak, like beer. For the meals, this usually works better with foods that don’t take very long to prepare, so as they don’t draw attention to it.

Learn more things your employees could be getting away with next week in Part Three and again here is a link to get your own copy if you’re interested in reading more about how to protect your restaurant and bar from these scam artists:

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