Who Is Generation Z And How Can You Get Them Into Your Business?

Generation Z is mostly known as anyone born after the mid 90s.  They grew up smack in the middle of the technology boom and knew how to work your smartphone better than you when they were 3.  They carried cell phones in their backpacks ever since they could talk and have short attention spans.  They are used to everything they want being at their fingertips.

Here are a few things you can do to get Generation Z into your business:

The number one way to get these up and comers into your place is to offer free wifi.  These folks are sharing their lives in real time and nothing will anger them quicker than a spotty wifi connection.

Don’t bash the latest food trends like glucose free, vegan and local farm-fresh foods – join the crowd with options that will please any dietary restrictions.

Offer something they can include in their selfies or snapchat stories, like cool vintage polaroid cameras, vinyl or boardgames to keep them entertained.

These kids aren’t clipping coupons, so make sure you post special discounts and free offers on social media.

Generation Z wants the full experience, especially if they can add a low-fi filter to their selfies and share it with their friends.

Be sure to contact Mark at Tannen & Associates for all of your Merchant Card Services and POS System needs at (408) 888-9663.

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