Bar Promotion Themes for May!

Get ready for May and promote your bar with these fun and festive ideas! Here are three themes to get a packed bar next month.
Star Wars Day: May 4th is Star Wars Day, so make sure you offer a free beer to anyone who comes in wearing Star Wars merch or is fully dressed up as their favorite character. You could also offer a free basket of fries to whoever does their best Darth Vader impression or can quote a couple lines from your favorite scene. Set the tone by having the trilogy play in the background. You could also have some plastic light sabers so your customers can battle for beer! (Make sure that activity doesn’t get too rowdy.)
Cinco de Mayo: Cinco de Mayo is a perfect bar holiday and an opportunity for you to get new customers. Bring on that delicious Mexican food with a taco eating contest and whoever eats the most tacos gets a gift card to your bar. You can make things really interesting by having them add hot sauces to each taco that get progressively spicier. You could also do a tequila tasting that everyone would enjoy and get them in a celebratory mood. Be sure to change your playlist to some festive music as well.
Memorial Day: The best way to bring in a crowd on Memorial Day is to make sure you offer veterans a free meal or some sort of specialty so that they feel the gratitude on their special day.  If you have a patio, get out the red checkered table clothes and host a good old fashioned barbeque to make everyone feel at home. Finally, serve some patriotic drinks such as this red, white, and blue beauty.
Use equal parts grenadine, white crème de cacao, and blue curacao and layer them in a clear glass to show off the colors of the American flag.
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