3 Simple Tricks To Get Your Restaurant Packed With Locals

Becoming a part of your community is the most important thing you can do for your restaurant.  Here are 3 simple tricks to get your restaurant packed with locals.

  1. Partner up with all of the local schools. Buy the banner that goes on school fences, pay to have a coupon to your restaurant in all of the event brochures, offer to host events for families and faculty and give a portion of the proceeds back to the school. The key is to let your restaurant be the place everyone wants to meet up at.  You can even decorate using the local school mascots.
  2. Sponsor a little league team. Half of the community is out on the fields weeknights and weekends watching their future professional athletes play sports.  Why not give back to the community by sponsoring a team (or multiple teams) while gaining valuable advertising exposure.  Offer discounts to everyone on the team and be the go-to lunch spot after every Saturday game.
  3. Reach out to your local politicians, real estate agents, etc. and give them a deal to host events at your restaurant. You can give them a special menu of appetizers and drinks at a discounted rate.  The point is to bring your community leaders into your restaurant.

All of us can remember the neighborhood pizza place or diner growing up where we were sure to bump into our friends.  By becoming an integral part of your own community, you can ensure that your restaurant will always be packed with locals.

Be sure to contact Mark at Tannen & Associates for all of your Merchant Card Services and POS System needs at (408) 888-9663.

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