Bar Promotion Themes for July!

July is coming; get ready for it with these three themes to promote your bar!

Fourth of July: The perfect day for Americans to show their patriotism is coming up, so make sure your bar is ready for all the celebration! Decorate the place with flags, party poppers, and other red, white, and blue paraphernalia. Also, add some hot dogs and hamburgers to the menu if you don’t have them already and maybe have an eating contest for customers to win a gift card to your bar. To top it off have everyone who wears red, white, and blue get a free drink.

July 13th Embrace Your Geekness Day: Have all your customers bring out their inner geek with Embrace Your Geekness Day! Give a free drink to anyone wearing a shirt with their favorite video game or sci-fi movie and kick it up a notch by giving anyone who dresses up as their favorite character a free meal or gift certificate. If enough people dress up, you could even have a costume contest. You could also have video games set up for people to play a full on tournament or simply have a favorite geek movie, like Star Wars, playing in the background.

July 30th National Cheesecake Day: This unknown holiday is simple and a good excuse to eat a very loved dessert: cheesecake. Add cheesecake to the menu and offer a free slice with every meal.

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