How to Properly Greet a Customer

Customers often get frustrated when pestered by employees if they need help with anything, which is common in retail stores. An immediate greeting could lead to an annoyance both sides, the customer for feeling pressured and the employee for getting tired of rejection. Here’s a few tips to avoid this situation.

  • Wait! The most common mistake employees make here is badgering the customer the second they walk in the door. Give them some time to look around first; wait until they are looking at a particular item and then walk over to greet them.
  • Make Yourself Busy. Just before you greet them, pick up something like a hanger or a box to let the customer know that you are busy and on your way to put the item away, stop and say hello. This shows that you are taking time out of your schedule to make sure they are doing alright, but you aren’t pushing them or hovering.
  • Greet, Don’t Question. When first talking to the customer say something like “Good afternoon; feel free to browse or ask questions.” This way you aren’t asking them a question and they don’t feel pressured to answer. However, you are still letting them know they should feel comfortable asking you questions if they are looking for anything specific. This gives the customer control and their own space.
  • Make Yourself Available. Hang out by the cash register, but be ready for the customer to ask you any questions.Don’t get too involved in an activity.

If you follow these steps, the customer will feel comfortable in the store and free to ask their own questions.

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