Think Outside the Box with Low-Cost Marketing (PART 1)

Marketing is very valuable to small businesses, although it can be a bit pricey. Here’s some creative low-cost marketing tips to help promote your business without emptying your wallet.

Reward Loyal Customers – Offer special deals, products, or services to returning customers. This way, they have an incentive to come back and they also feel good about returning. Always let customers know they are getting something out of it, and you will get more business and more returning customers. (This tip can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be).

Adjust to the Technological Age – Make sure your customers can order your product quickly and easily by allowing them to order online or through a quick text message. This is a system most customers are comfortable with and it will show that your business is keeping up with the times. Also, since the orders are sent through electronically, you can sort them and find out what your most popular product is and then set up deals and promotions accordingly. Don’t forget to send out emails to make sure all your customers know about your new deals!

Talk it Up – The cheapest way to promote your business is to talk about it to possible customers. Give speeches at business conventions, at your place of business, or simply increase your presence on social media. Either way don’t hesitate to talk about it and you’ll get other people talking about it too. The best advertising is through word of mouth and luckily that’s free!

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