Think Outside the Box with Low-Cost Marketing (PART 2)

Here’s more tips and tricks for marketing and promoting your business on a budget.

Use Your Employees: Your employees can be a wonderful sales tool by having them wear shirts or pins that advertise your business or a certain product. Have them ask the customers if they are interested in the particular product as well.

Surveys Speak: Create your own surveys and get potential customers’ opinions on important matters that will improve your business while spreading awareness and advertising. This can get you more business and give you tips on what to fix.

Get Competitive: Enter in competitions put on by various media sources and organizations and try your best to get a win. Winning an organized competition gets you legitimate bragging rights and gives you something new to share with your customers. This will also likely get you more business and attention for winning in general.

The Dream Team: Collaborate with another business (not a competitor) with a similar target audience and promote each other. Referrals can go a long way and you gain credibility with customers when another business promotes you.

Turn on a Camera: A lot of people in this day and age find it easier to watch a video than to read a long article, so by packing the same amount of information into a video you gain a larger audience. This is also beneficial because your audience will feel more connected to you if they get to see your face.

Leave it to the Customers: Set up a section of your website for customer feedback and award the critical thinkers with a discount on your product or a gift. This will motivate customers to open up without having to go through the trouble of a survey.

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