3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Mobile Payments

If you own a small business, you are most likely competing with corporate giants that have been around a long time. Accepting mobile payments is one way to keep up with your competition.
Here are three more reasons why your business should accept mobile payments.

1. Convenience – having many ways to accept payments from customers is crucial. Not many people write checks or carry cash anymore. Sure you can swipe a credit card at a brick and mortar business, but what if a customer wants to sign up with your service or buy a product while you are out in the field? It’s best to strike while the iron is hot and have the ability to accept their payment on the spot. It’s convenient to take care of the payment right away rather than asking them to make an extra trip to your place of business.

2. Tipping Options – most mobile payment options include a default tip amount (which the customer can change at their discretion). It’s helpful to see exactly how much a 15% or 20% tip will add to their bill. This is also helpful for those customers who sometimes “forget” about tipping.

3. Marketing Integration – by accepting mobile payments, you can automatically keep track of your customer’s buying habits and provide them with special offers they are certain to like. This marketing integration feature will help you identify and reward your best customers.

Aside from being at the forefront of technology, accepting mobile payments will be a win for your business and your customers.

Be sure to contact Mark at Tannen & Associates for all of your Merchant Card Services and POS System needs at (408)888-9663 or markt@tannen.com.

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