3 Ways To Get Customers To Tip More

As many restaurant owners would agree, customer satisfaction is the most important thing and that is most commonly displayed in the tip the customer leaves. Servers strive for tips of 20 percent or more, but if you’re not making that, then here are some easy ways to get higher tips.

1. Get On A First-Name Basis: Customers tend to tip more if they like their server, so the best way to get on their good side is to start by introducing yourself. Tell them your name and, if you can, call them by their names, which you could find on the bill if they used a credit card. Try to create a friendly environment that’s personal, but professional.

2. Make Contact: This step is a bit more complicated, because it has to be done correctly so that it’s not taken the wrong way. If the appropriate situation presents itself, then you could give your customer a pat on the shoulder. This is shown to increase tips, particularly for women, but you have to make sure it’s not flirty or aggressive. Read the room and know that there are boundaries.

3. Do Them A Favor: A way to bond with any customer, even if they are only coming in to pick-up food, is to let them know that you are paying special attention to them and helping them out. Ask the chef if you can bring them a special taster plate of a new dish for them to try for free. They will likely be very appreciative and want to tip more.

These strategies are sure to get you more tips, which is great for not only you, but for the business as well.

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