How To Use Pinterest For Your Small Business

Pinterest is a fast growing social network that may be useful for the promotion of your small business.

What is Pinterest?
It is a virtual bulletin board that allows users to pin and share their favorite images and articles from across the web. These pins can be easily organized onto boards which is especially useful for businesses so that product promotion can be mixed with other relevant ideas that will attract more followers.

Why is it useful for business?
Pinterest allows businesses to sell their products, share ideas, and give how to guides. The point is to post useful content that appeals to your audience. While one board can serve as a portfolio of your products to advertise and make sales, your other boards can hold ideas that are still within the same field as your business.

How do I use Pinterest?
The first step is to make a business account which is fairly simple through the Pinterest website. It’s important to create a couple boards so that your followers have a variety of content to look at. Pin images of your products and services to one board and save the other boards for pinning content that you find on the internet as well as what comes up in your news feed after you follow relevant people. It is a good idea to also share your pins on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Adding a “Pin It” button to your website will allow your customers to easily find your profile. Most importantly, focus on the quality of your posts rather than quantity. Your followers will not be happy with a flood of your promotional pins filling up their newsfeed. Instead, keep a healthy balance of advertisement posts and other content.

Pinterest can be a useful tool for promoting your small business while also giving your customers useful information.

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