10 Ways To Be Respectful With Technology

Although the internet is very prevalent in the daily lives of people today, here are ways to stay respectful when using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

1.       When a customer walks in be sure to look up from your screen and acknowledge them.

When someone enters your business they want to feel welcomed and know that you are there to help them so do not let them pass by without giving them a warm smile. Put down the phone or tablet and greet them properly, assuring them that if they need assistance you will be there.

2.       Keep it professional and polite.

If you are at a business convention listening to someone speak or meeting with your client, be sure to not look at your phone or technology while listening to them. This is common curtesy and it lets them know you are listening. Just because the business world is becoming more technology based, that doesn’t mean manners are thrown out the window.

3.       If someone reaches out to you on any social media platform, give a reply.

Whether it is a comment on a photo or a retweet be sure to write back or return the favor. It is also a good idea to tweet or post a status saying “Thanks for following!” with the names attached so that current or prospective customers feel special.

4.       Respond in a timely manner.

Never leave your client hanging! Reply promptly: no later than a day after you’ve received their communication or sooner. This will ease the clients mind and maintain a positive business relationship between you both. Never forget your etiquette.

5.       Give a call for a call.

If a client calls you, be sure to reply with a call and not with a text or an email. The same goes for any technological interaction; reply to emails with emails and to texts with texts. This makes it less confusing for the both of you, more organized, and considerate of the client.

6.       Don’t flood people’s news feeds with your content.

Space out your posts so they don’t overwhelm your followers all at once. Also remember quality over quantity!

7.       Be sure to post relevant material.

In addition to spacing out your posts appropriately, also make sure all the material you post is relevant and something your followers would be interested in. Never sidetrack too far from your product or service and always keep it in the same category. This will ensure that your customers are always interested in your social media platforms and your information is always appropriate.

8.       Leave useful information in your voicemail recording.

If a customer cannot get through to your business over the phone leave your location, hours, and any other information you’d like in your voicemail recording. This way some of the callers’ questions will be answered right away or they will at least know a good time to call back.

9.       Don’t underestimate the power of a phone call.

It’s important to let your client hear your voice because it establishes more trust and credibility. Even though nowadays people are more used to sending emails and text messages, don’t forget that phone calls are great for establishing a relationship with the client and is also a great time saver.

10.   Don’t forget the importance of in person customer service.

While technology is an easy and convenient tool we have in our lives and for business, it is always important to remember that talking in person is really the most respectful way you can interact with a customer.

How do you think businesses should avoid annoying technology habits? Let us know in the comments below.

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