How To Pair Cocktails With Meals

Though some restaurants and bars try to avoid it, coordinating cocktails with selected meals can make a great impression on your customers, and your business will see the benefits.

Get The Perfect Pairing: The most important rule when attempting this is to match drinks and meals correctly. That being said, if the meal is really heavy and hardy, don’t top it off with a heavy drink. Instead, lighten it up with something bubbly or carbonated so that it will cleanse the pallet and not weigh down the meal even more. Similarly, don’t pair spicy foods with spicy drinks. Don’t let the cocktail one-up the meal; let the drink complete the meal.

Not So Strong: Make sure your drinks aren’t really strong. If there is too much pure alcohol in the drink, it can negatively affect the flavors of the dish by diminishing your senses. You want a drink that can complement the flavors of the dish, not erase or override them.

Sugar Isn’t Always What’s Best: Be careful with really sweet drinks because they can be overwhelming with a full meal. Try toning down the sweetness just a little, but not so much that it ruins the harmony of the drink.

Have you had any great pairs of cocktails and meals? Let us know in the comments below.

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