Bar Promotion Themes For September!

Promote your bar this September with these 4 great themes!

September 5th Be Late For Something Day: Celebrate Be Late For Something Day in your restaurant by closing up an hour or two later than usual! Customers will love the extra time and you’ll love the extra cash.

September 18th National Cheeseburger Day: Every American loves a cheeseburger, so chances are this is already a pretty popular menu item, but celebrate this delicious holiday by making it a two for one deal or simply discount the price of a cheeseburger by 10%. Also, you can have each cheeseburger ordered come with a complimentary signature drink.

September 25th National Comic Book Day: Get ready for national comic book day by hanging up posters from your favorite comics and inviting people to wear a shirt sporting their favorite comic books or comic book characters. This is also a great chance to play The Avengers in the background or fuel the rivalry between Marvel vs DC comics.

September 28th National Good Neighbor Day: Be a good neighbor by handing out flyers to people in the neighborhood to come to your bar for special discounted drinks or other menu items. This is also a nice opportunity to give your regulars a freebie on their favorite drink or appetizer.

What’s your favorite bar promotion theme for this September? Let us know in the comments below!

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