I’m Mak Tnnen, the owner of Tannen and Associates (www.tannen.om). Tannen and Associates provides a full range of comprehensive merchant services including POS systems for all types of businesses in Northern California. I am a payment professional with Harbortouch and Electronic Payments Inc., two of the fastest growing payment processing companies in the nation.

With over thirty-five years experience as both a merchant and sales professional, I am familiar with the challenges on either side of the retail and hospitality equaton and enjoy helping my clients improve their profitability, lower their costs and increase their sales.

I have extensiv national account experience working with organizations all over the United States. Through my efforts, I have saved these organizations milions of dollars in reduced credit card fees.

Most recently I have become an advocate of educating business owners on the Truths and Myths of PCI Compliance. With my guidance, business owners have discovered that although they may have been told they were PCI Compliant by their processor, this is often not the case. After using the tools that I have provided, merchants can feel confident that they have complied with all the guidelines set forth by the major card brands.

I hope this bog will provide you with useful information that will help your business achieve long-term profit and success.  Enjoy my blog!


Mark Tannen

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